Video has been a key focus for digital and social media content needs, and in the last six years, I’ve been focused on how to revolutionize the use of video in various formats to solve key consumer concerns and desires, create lead generation opportunities and improve brand awareness and affinity. Formats have included videos for use on social media, short- and long-form, webinars, GIFs, Instagram Stories and more.

  • Product Informative Videos
  • Product Tutorial Videos
  • B2C – Education, Awareness, Webinar
  • Non-Profit – Promotional Event, Fundraising
  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Instagram Stories

Below are some highlighted examples, in which I have been responsible for the video strategy, scripts, execution, as well as the overall marketing campaign strategy, content and promotion – social media, blog, website, email and other uses.

Hear This! 

Inspired by Buzzfeed’s “Tasty!” campaign and videos, this 12-video Facebook video campaign was the first of its kind in the industry to bring hearing health education to consumers in a visual – focused and accessible-friendly format. Videos were designed to answer common questions around hearing loss and hearing health in short videos designed primarily for use on Facebook. They were later adapted for use on Instagram and as stills or interactive pieces for Instagram Stories. Videos had the highest engagement rates of the company’s channel, raised overall impressions and engagement rates, and created positive consumer conversation and interaction with the company thereby improving brand affinity. Watch more.

All Ears

Working hand-in-hand with content strategist and copywriter, Charles Hennen, we took our Q/A blog campaign “All Ears” to the next level through video. With one female and one male audiologist, we created short videos in which the audiologist answered a common consumer question about hearing loss, tinnitus or hearing aids. All videos were designed to be quick, hearing-loss friendly and for use on social media. The video campaign was built with corporate, retail and international in mind, with a strategic rollout plan that included all of the company’s U.S. and Canada retail professionals as well as translations for more than 6 different languages – German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian. The videos quickly resulted in not only educating consumers via the corporate channel, but they organically generated interest in and awareness of local hearing professional offices and would bring customers into practices, many of which resulted in immediate or faster sales.  Watch more.


A powerful storytelling campaign, #HearDad was the first of it’s kind for the company. Built around Father’s Day, this campaign was the proudest one of my career thus far, leveraging true journalism and authentic emotion to connect with potential hearing aid consumers and caregivers alike. In each of the three “Dad” stories, any individual could find a thread of commonality. The videos remain to this day, some of the top performers for the company’s Facebook page. The campaign was tied together across channels with #HearDad and was adapted out for Facebook, YouTube and Instagram during the month of June.

Making Medicare Education Approachable & On-Demand

In my current role at UnitedHealthcare, there was core consumer issue to address – how to make learning about Medicare simple and not stressful. The solution? After a deep dive of existing content, Medicare itself and hundreds of pages of consumer research data, we launched a 43-video project in October 2018. By December 2019, we had launched 43 educational videos, three in-person webinars, and while they were originally created for Facebook and YouTube, the videos have since been expanded for use across email, the Medicare Made Clear educational website and the AARP Medicare plan shopping site, with 2020 plans for further expansion.

  • 1.05 million views with all new videos outperforming past content
  • Most videos saw 28 to 60% of viewers completing videos, with those that performed lower still hitting 4% to 11% for completion

Additionally, the new Medicare Made Clear videos also helped to provide new insights into the consumer mindset and behavioral patterns that have helped guide current overall educational content strategy and paid media efforts.