Social Media

Strategy, Development, Analysis | Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Influencer Marketing

With more than 10 years of experience in social media, my focus the last 6 years has been primarily around building strategic campaigns that drive awareness, engagement and conversions, educate consumers, and build meaningful relationships. In addition to developing the strategy, content and creative around various campaigns in health care, medical device, education and non-profit areas, I’ve more than three years mentoring interns, and leading social media teams in real-time at company and fundraising events.

Offered Services Include:

  • Campaign and Content Strategy & Development
  • Content Creation & Execution
  • Community Engagement
  • Consults & Audits

Please see the Video page for video-specific social media work. Please request a copy of the writing samples PDF for further social post copy samples.

Social Media Strategy, Paid Campaigns & Community Management – Medicare Made Clear

The educational-only arm of UnitedHealthcare, I transformed the Medicare Made Clear Facebook page in 2018 to become an objective, informative and welcoming Medicare-education destination and community. By leveraging a consumer-first approach to content, creative imagery, seasonality focus and personalized communication, the page now uniquely hits a niche audience to provided value to consumers entering into the Medicare world for the first time.

Video played key role in growth

We also developed a unique 50+ video series including animated shorts and webinars on key Medicare topics including what to do when working past 65 and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

The videos were first leveraged on Facebook and later on the YouTube Channel I developed between 2018 and 2019 and later optimized to also include a shopping experience in 2020 – thus providing a ones-stop video world for the Medicare consumer.

Social Media Strategy, Channel and Content – SPR Therapeutics, Inc.

A social media strategy designed to promote brand awareness, grow engagement with the SPRINT PNS System and SPR Therapeutics company was developed by Brixten Marketing in Dec. 2019 and executed in Q1 2020. Brixten also handled the brand’s social media strategy, content development and engagement until 2022. Thanks to Brixten, the brand grew in its existing channels – LinkedIn and Facebook – and experienced quick growth and prime engagement with both B2B and B2C audiences in newly launched channels – Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media Campaign – #RaceforChange

This campaign was developed in less than two days for Starkey Hearing Foundation and included social media for Starkey Hearing Foundation and the campaign partners. The campaign was built around the hashtag #RaceforChange to leverage an existing NASCAR language around charitable organizations and to help the campaign tap into a brand-new audience. Highly successful, the campaign utilized Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and Twitter, as well as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat with the sponsored driver and driver’s sponsor.

This campaign was unique in that social media and the hashtag acted as the framework, and led me to also be responsible for leading and executing core copy for not only social, but our overall messaging, print and banner event pieces, all static and video imagery, and taking point on our print items and the unique toy race car featuring the Foundation’s logos.

The campaign resulted in increased website traffic during and for weeks after the campaign, donations, expanded demographic reach, heightened awareness for the Foundation and increased engagement and impression rates across all social channels.

The Medicare Made Clear omni-channel digital campaign around the Medicare Initial Enrollment Period Hub launched in Q2 of 2019 with a two-touch awareness and conversion-focused Facebook paid campaign. Highly successful, and extremely low-cost, the campaign led to more than 80,000 site visitors and more than 5,000 email sign ups within the first three months of launch.

In 2020, we launched the Working Past 65 paid media campaign, to aid consumers who will become eligible for Medicare and still plan to work past age 65. And in 2021 we launched the first Medicare Switcher campaign, designed to provide a one-stop-learn-and-shop experience during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

Instagram Stories

Consumer Education & Brand Awareness – Hearing Health Facts | As the Hear This! video campaign took off, Instagram Stories became the next step. Stories were created about individual or multiple hearing health facts in static graphics, videos and interactive static/video formats to educate and interact with consumers. This was so successful, the company has continued this campaign even after I left in August. 2018.

Product Promotion & Education – B2C | When Starkey launched the new Livio AI hearing aids, we jumped to Instagram Stories as a way to tell the story from beginning to end, generate product excitement and interest before launch, announce and teach about the product during launch, and then post-launch to provide continued education and consumer validation content. A mix of static and video Stories were created in-line with our entire product campaign launch across print and digital.