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Website – UnitedHealthcare | Medicare Made Clear

Learning about Medicare can feel overwhelming, and with so many different pieces, we wanted to solve for consumer confusion and stress by creating a one-stop-source of information where they could quickly get the answers they need while learning at their own speed with a lead-generation goal. For this project, I worked alongside our content manager and agencies to draft the initial layout of landing page, the content, and the consumer flow with email capture as the desired conversion point. The “hub” offers resources for educating consumers, with a mix of content mediums and multiple conversion points for email signup and plan shopping.

Within three months of launch, the page saw more than 80K visitors, with social media driving 90% of the traffic and 5,000+ emails captured.

View the Medicare Initial Enrollment Period Landing Page.

UX + Interactive – Medicare Navigator Chatbot

How do you make learning easier and on-demand for Medicare? How do you create a helpful-hand that’s simple enough for older generations to navigate? Meet Medicare Navigator.

A brand-new endeavor for me from both strategy and content, in this project responsibilities included initial project and UX brainstorming and development meetings, chatbot organization and copy flow, copy creation and editing, UX testing and copy optimizations on-going. In about 8 months, we got this project launched, and to-date have seen our goal of connecting education to shopping achieved, with most chatbot users who exit heading straight to the AARP Medicare Plans site. The bot has also increased overall site traffic, and users coming into the bot are most likely to take the next step to shop.


Gold, Blog Writing – Hermes Creative Awards, 2016

With over 10 years of experience blogging professionally and personally, I have written blogs for a variety of industries and audiences primarily including Health, Lifestyle, Retail, Fashion & Beauty, and Food & Travel. For full writing samples, please download the writing sample PDF.

Read Starkey Hearing Technologies Blogs | At Starkey, I implemented an SEO and content overhaul, and launched and executed a blog-tracking campaign around CTAs, imagery, readability, clicks and overall engagement, all of which improved readership by 110 percent between 2015 and 2016, and again by 80 percent between 2016 and 2017.

Medicare Made Clear Blog | At UnitedHealthcare, in late 2019 I officially took over the digital content development of the educational Medicare Made Clear program, and stepped in to expand past landing page content into our blog. Read Samples: What is a PDP (Prescription Drug Plan)? | Can Medicare Help with COPD? |Should I Get Part B I’f I’m Working Past 65?

Disability Advocacy | With a belief that words have the power to help others, in 2013 while beginning my hearing loss journey, I launched my own blog, Hear “What?” to chronicle my own experiences. Ironically, what began as a form of digital journaling quickly transformed into a platform to share my story and the intricacies of the life of one with hearing loss and hearing aids for the world over. To this day, people of all ages and nationalities reach out to me to share their own story or express thanks, finding solace or comfort in relating to blog or two.


From newsletters to drip-marketing campaigns, I’ve created content for email across health care, finance and small-business industries over the last 7 years. Please see PDF of written samples for email content samples.


PDFs, Flyers, Inserts & Internal Communications

From articles and poems for magazines, copy for PDFs, flyers, inserts, invitations, event signage and more, I’ve done copywriting for a variety of clients within the areas of health care, finance and education.

Please see PDF of written samples for review.