Who is Brixten Marketing?

Brixten Marketing is actually a person – Sarah Bricker. I coined the name “Brixten Marketing” after a joke with a long-time friend involving an old high school varsity track nickname. 

[She is the awkward laughing one on the far left]

So who is Sarah Bricker?

An inventive content marketing architect, award-winning journalist and social media manager who still holds dear the wistful notion that words have the power to change the world. Armed with sophisticated writing skills, an ardent need to learn and a love for challenges, my forte is creating insightful, emotive and engaging content exceptionally fast.

Outside of the workplace, you’ll find her powering through a 50-state half-marathon goal, hiking the mountains of Washington and Colorado, and sketching the historic streets of Florence. All of which is creatively documented on Instagram.

What is Bricker’s Philosophy?

Storytelling is the core of everything. No matter the brand or channel, content and social media marketing depend on stories. Stories create connections, influence emotions and build relationships. They are what consumers remember and what define exceptional brands.